Comparing Dry Core Drills and Wet Core Drills

CDM1H Dry Core Drill Kit

When you need to create a circular hole in cement, core drilling is your best bet. There are a number of jobs where core drilling is required. Those include plumbing, fencing, electrical, piping and much more. To do the job, you’ll need a core drill, which comes in both handheld sizes, and larger sizes that are basically a heavy duty drill press. You’ll also need to choose whether the application requires wet or dry core drilling. Here’s an overview of dry core drilling, as well as an explanation of what type of jobs call for dry drilling over wet.

In most cases, using a wet core drill bit is preferable, but on some jobs, using additional water is impractical. Imagine trying to drill a hole in an office wall and using additional water around the area. That could create a real mess. Or worse, in situations where electrical wires or equipment is present, using water could destroy this equipment or create a fire hazard.

Dry core drilling produces quite a bit of dust, but is generally easier to clean up in these types of environments.

Dry core drills are usually not as long as the wet core alternatives. They also feature fewer segments, and those segments are made from different materials. Core bits will usually wear out faster when dry drilling due to additional stress and heat, and the presence of more dust and debris. Dry core drilling will take longer than wet also.

While the fittings on dry and wet core drills are different, adapters are available to allow you to use the bits interchangeably.

When working with hard concrete, wet core bits are needed. But for soft or medium concrete, either wet or dry core bits will do the job. The decision can be made based on the type of environment you’re in.

Just about the only time when dry core bits are your only option is when you’re working with soft or medium brick. For these jobs, using wet core bits are not recommended.

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